We are interested in all things molecular imprinting and molecular recognition, with a focus on novel polymerisable receptors for capture of challenging targets. We have long term expertise in the use of spectroscopic methods for the evaluation of host-guest interactions, including NMR, UV and fluorescence titrations. We have also extensive experience in imprinted polymer synthesis (solution, precipitation, suspension, by thermal or UV initiation) and formulation (e.g. monoliths, spherical particles, membranes), as well as evaluation by equilibrium rebinding experiments, solid phase extractions, HPLC (including frontal chromatography).

Our group has access to the state-of-the-art facilities of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in QUB, which include NMR (600MHz, 2x 400MHz, 2x 300MHz), mass spectrometry (EI, ESI, MALDI-TOF), GC-MS, HPLC, UV-Vis/Fluorescence, FT-IR, SEM, nitrogen adsorption porosimetry and a range of X-Ray characterisation techniques. The group owns a range of polymerisation reactors, a 96 well plate reader, an ion-chromatography instrument, a ball-mill, as well as all basic generic and synthetic/analytical lab equipment (balances, pH metre, centrifuges, ovens etc.).

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